Desis Unite To Defend Rooh Afza After Woman Expresses Her Disgust For The Drink

With summer knocking at our doors, the search for refreshing and cooling beverages has already started. But the dedicated and loyal desis don’t have to brainstorm much because they know of one summer drink that has been their favourite since childhood.

The thick, rose-flavored sugar syrup, Rooh Afza, has already made it to our refrigerators, ready to quench our thirst. And most of us are guilty of making milkshakes, sherbet, flavoured lassi, and even ice-gola with this versatile drink.

Representative Image

But, did you know that there are some people who despise the taste of this popular drink?

Taking to Twitter, Vani shared a picture of the drink and wrote:

“There’s something wrong with you if you like this drink.”

After she expressed her disgust for the quintessential desi drink, it sparked a war of words online. While some backed her, others slammed her for not liking it.

Rooh Afza literally means soul refresher and it does soothe our soul. Are you a Rooh Afza lover or a hater?

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