TV Reporter Working From Home Goes On-Air Without Wearing Pants; Twitter Reacts


Pajamas have become my best friend while working from home. Honestly, I don’t even remember the last time I wore formal attire for my ‘virtual meetings’. However, dressing in comfy clothes while WHF might be a terrible idea for reporters.

Let me tell you why. Recently, a reporter appeared on air during the ‘Good Morning America’ show wearing a formal suit but no pants. ABC reporter Will Reeve didn’t realize his shorts were visible for everyone to see due to the camera angle, reports the Indian Express. 


The reporter learned about his mistake after people started sharing screenshots of his ‘entire’ segment. Will was talking about pharmacies using drones to deliver prescription drugs in a Florida retirement village when the incident occurred.

However, his interesting choice of wardrobe wasn’t revealed initially because of the graphics on the screen. Once, the graphics were pulled off, the reporter’s ‘no pant’ look was revealed to viewers.


As people started wondering, whether he was half-naked, Will assured viewers that he had his shorts on.

Several people, including Will himself, laughed at his incomplete office attire:

Others found it super relatable and said this is exactly what WFH looks like:

Well, who could possibly blame him for not wearing shorts? Many of us are guilty of not wearing appropriate office attire while working from home. Or is it just me? Tell us about your WFH outfits!

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