Every Love Story Is Made Of Twists And Tugs And These Sketches For Bosch Tell It Beautifully

Love, and I think you’ll agree, is beyond what we read in cheesy books and see in even cheesier movies. Now, there is no guide to a happy heart out there exactly but the definition of love doesn’t restrict itself to a bounded manuscript meant for representation. Rather it lies in everyday chores that a couple does together.

True love lies in the small quarrels that we know as lovers spat.

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And it evolves over time. Yes, disagreements don’t stay fewer but they cease to matter in front of the growing need to bridge differences. And this need to resolve is what makes the bond stronger. I mean, these tugs and twists are how love stories make it to the books in the first place. If you’re still not convinced, well, it’s a good thing that I have illustrations that will do the trick.

Author Durjoy Datta has shared tales that capture the essence of love and they’re adorable! These tales are created for BOSCH that also believes in the tough love while ensuring that there is #NoDamage to your fave cashmere and other new and expensive clothes. 

And they’re not only solid but also indisputably real. In fact, It’s honestly amazing how a brand has redefined relationship, the tugs and twists so beautifully. See for yourself…

1. Managing a relationship is an art. PERIOD.

Because isn't managing a relationship… an art? #NoDamage

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2. Oh, unplanned dates are the best!

3. Men, I’m looking at you…

Clothes maketh a man?#NoDamage Bosch Home http://bit.ly/_LivingWithBosch

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4. WAR. And then cuddle?

The battle of the phone charger. #NoDamage @boschhomein

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5. Eye masks to the rescue. Amirite ladies?

The sweet sound of love!#NoDamage Bosch Homehttp://bit.ly/_LivingWithBosch

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6. Well, secret no more!

7. Time to call truce!!!!

Do you have any real friends? Apart from each other that is. #NoDamage @boschhomein

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Lost in translation!#NoDamage Bosch Home http://bit.ly/_LivingWithBosch

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I know right!

Since now I have your faith (?), here a few more from The Scribbled Stories that only add to the above.

1. Ouch. Mooch.

2. Saving experiments for later!

Now tell me that these tales didn’t remind you of your main! Thought so.

Just like its washing machine that ensures that your favourite colours stay intact and incurs #nodamage even after its whirled out, these tales talk of stories love stories while highlighting the quirks that keep them alive. If you haven’t guessed already, all with #NoDamage!

Now, I don’t know about you, I have never had my laundry make me celebrate love like this. But hey, I’m not complaining. 😉

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