Adopted 6 YO ‘Orphan’ Who Allegedly Tried To Kill Parents Moves In With A New Family

Last week, the story of a 6-year-old adopted girl who allegedly was an adult “sociopath” wanting to kill the parents spread like wildfire on the internet. People around the world were creeped out by the ‘Orphan’ like details of the story. In case you didn’t know, here are a few details:

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A married couple, Kristine and Michael Barnett, had adopted 6-year-old Natalia Grace in 2009. Months after the adoption, the couple claimed they started noticing clues of how Natalia is much older than she claimed to be – like how she had full pubic hair and had her periods. After running a few tests on the child to find out her actual age, Natalia allegedly started to threaten the family, wanting to kill them. Later when she was sent for psychiatric treatment, the couple claimed Natalia admitted to one of the therapists that she was 22-years-old.

The above details were given by the couple, now divorced, after they faced charged of abandoning a “dependent” in an empty house back in 2013. However, the media dug deep and new details have surfaced online.

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According to a report by Mirror UK, Natalia has a new family now. She has been adopted by Antwon Mans, a 36-year-old pastor, his wife Cynthia. A friend of the family said that they are “Good Samaritans who came across an abandoned child in need of help” and that there is “nothing crazy going on”.

Meanwhile, the Barnetts were called in for a court session recently where they faced charges of abandoning Natalia back in 2013 and flying off to Canada. An affidavit submitted by the state police mentions how Natalia had to live in the empty apartment for 3 years on her own with the help of doctors.

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To this accusation, the Barnetts revealed additional shocking details of Natalia’s behavior towards them. She said that Natalia threatened to stab her and her then-husband in their sleep, she would draw pictures and write on them that she would kill the family, roll them in blankets and throw them in the back yard.

“I saw her putting chemicals, bleach, Windex something like that, in my coffee and I asked her, what are you doing? She said, ‘I am trying to poison you’,” said Kristine.

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The mother claimed that Natalia was diagnosed with a bone disorder which led her to grow just 3-feet tall and that she was also diagnosed as both a psychopath and sociopath. Her mental illness allegedly led her to jump off moving cars and smear blood on mirrors.

But the court ruled out their justifications saying that the couple abandoned a “dependent”, which by definition means a child or a mentally/physically disabled individual of any age, revealed The Sun. Hence, they faced respective charges. The court, however, has agreed to the fact that Kristine is, in fact, an adult, keeping in account her previous medical tests and other pieces of evidence.

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The charges can sentence them to jail for a collective term of five-and-a-half years. If what the Barnetts are saying is, in fact, true, then it’s really unfortunate for them to serve jail term. Don’t you think?

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