Ranveer Posted A Picture With Long Hair And Fans Can’t Stop Comparing Him With Sonu Nigam!

If I had a penny for every time Ranveer Singh has rewritten #StyleGoals, I’d probably have enough money to make a movie and cast him in it.

Riding high on the tremendous of acclaim for his Allaudin Khilji look for Padmavati, the actor only recently chopped off his glorious mane, giving all his social media fans a front row seat to his new look.

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New me ! Voila ! 🤙🏾

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Now, we love baba, short hair et al, but looks like he was missing his glorious mane because only this morning, Ranveer shared a picture from an old photo shoot. But his fans on social media made a remarkable observation about the picture— Ranveer looks like a dead ringer for Sonu Nigam!

Ranveer posted a B/W picture from his long-haired days, with a rather cryptic caption.

Once you’ve gotten over how hot he looks and are wondering what that caption means, let me tell you. It is a popular song from the 90s by American Alternative Rock band R.E.M.

But apart from the tonnes of compliments and curious queries about the vague caption, the comments were flooded with a very astute observation by Ranveer fans!

It’s like something that you see once and then cannot unsee ever again! Several fans remarked how they mistook the actor’s picture for one of singer Sonu Nigam during his long-haired days.


1. Is it you, Sonu?

2. Pehchaan kaun?

3. At 10.37 am today, to be precise!

4. Oh dear!


5. Most people assumed Ranveer’s look was in preparation for his next big venture, which is a biopic of Kapil Dev. But Twitter thinks he should try for a couple more biopics too!

Ranveer could’ve been in the ‘running’ to play Milkha Singh too!

6. Even Instagram echoed Twitter’s sentiments.

Being a die-hard fan of Ranveer, I totally second, third, fourth this point!

Sonu Nigam has had such an illustrious career and inspires millions of aspiring singers to follow their dreams. Maybe a Ranveer-starrer Sonu biopic would not be such a bad idea after all!

We’ve seen enough of Ranbir Kapoor crooning. Maybe it’s time RanVEER took up the microphone too! What say?

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