Ranveer Singh Bid Farewell To His Long ‘Khilji’ Locks And His New Look Is Adorable AF!

Here’s a disclaimer: Yours truly is a die-hard Ranveer Singh fanatic so please ignore the overuse of glorifying adjectives!

Incredible, thy name is Ranveer Singh. This man, where do I even begin?

Ranveer Singh does the most bizarre things, garbs himself in the most shocking of outfits, and isn’t afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve. Why else would his loyal fandom swear by him so much?

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I’ll tell you why, because finally they have a mainstream superstar that isn’t afraid of being his own bonkers self before the shutterbugs: whether it’s his dance numbers with uncle Anil Kapoor or his PDA with his Leela, Deepika Padukone.

Now, you must wonder, why are we talking about him now? What crazy karnama has he gone and done again? Well, he’s gone chop-chop!

Here, take a long, heart-filling look at this Khilji avatar of Ranveer baba, because now that the shooting for Padmavati has finally wrapped up, guess who’s due for a trip to the barber’s?

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Old me

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If you, like me, were a huge fan of Ranveer’s glorious long mane, then his next video might just feel like a dagger to your heart. Yes, he posted a snippet of his hairdresser at work and captioned it “in process”!

Nope, no Deepika around to make the transition easy like when she snipped his moustache post Bajirao Mastani!

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In process

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Ranveer sure knows how to one-up the paparazzi when it comes to breaking news. Because before anyone else could snap him in his post-haircut new avatar, he himself gave his fans a peek!

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New me ! Voila ! 🤙🏾

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Does he not look absolutely adorable? So yes, my heart did break because that #Goals hair was gone. But his new look and that cheeky smile was the super glue all his fans needed to put their hearts back together again!

Also, did he just gesture “Call me?” OMG!

Also, wait till you see his ensemble that he put on for this trip to the salon!

When it comes to sharing on social media, Ranveer is just like us—the same picture/video goes up on all platforms. Luckily for him, that just means all the more love from his fans across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

1. *plays video on loop and stares for hours*

2. If you swear by Bread Pakoda then it must be true!

3. Someone’s legit channelling her namesake Poo from K3G!

4. OMG! What astute observation!

It wasn’t all love though. There were some very… umm… important concerns being addressed too.

1. Ranveer’s mom got no chill, just like every other Indian mom ever!


2. Such concern. Much wow. But in all fairness, he does make sense!

3. What ya, Ranveer? You forgot all about No Shave November?

Well, after carefully analysing every aspect of his look and people’s reactions like the obsessed fan I am, I think the general consensus is thus:

No matter what you do—go all long hair and moustache à la Ram from Ram Leela, bald and beautiful for Bajirao Mastani, or clean shaven and suave as Kabir for Dil Dhadakne Do—we, your equally crazy fans, love you, Baba!

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