Rangoli Chandel Terms Richa Chadha As A ‘Movie Mafia A** Licker’ For Speaking Against Kangana

Kangana Ranaut sister, Rangoli Chandel, seems to have started a bombing spree on everyone who dares to speak against her sister. From criticizing Mahesh Bhatt for ill-treating Kangana to lashing out Hrithik Roshan over mental Hai Kya and Super 30’s box-office clash, Rangoli has gone no holds barred with her words.

And now, the 35-year-old has taken the fight to actress Richa Chadha for her comments on Kangana at a TV show.

Richa, who has worked in films like Ram Leela, Masaan and Gans Of Wasseypur, recently pointed out Kangana and her outspokenness at a show. According to Hindustan Times, she said that she would rather talk to the person she has a problem with, face to face, rather than using a social media platform.

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“If I have a problem with someone, I wouldn’t have a war of words with them on a public platform. This is because I don’t want to say it. Not because I lack the courage. I have the courage and I want to say it sometimes, but I’d say it one-on-one.”

However, Rangoli Chandel was not letting that pass easily. As a reply to Richa’s statement, Rangoli slammed the actress in a series of tweets.

Questioning if people like Richa would be able to survive in the industry without the help of people with power, she termed her as a jobless actor and a movie mafia ass licker.

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She also mentioned that Kangana had to go through the grind for 14 years before speaking up for herself.

Though Rangoli Chandel makes a point, we think that her excessively open-mouthed nature would do more harm to Kangana than good. What’s your take on the situation?