Rakhi Sawant Accuses Sunny Leone Of Leaking Her Number To The Porn Industry

Rakhi Sawant has never been one to be subtle about anything in life. Whether it is her happiness, her anger or her sadness Rakhi has ‘extra’ written all over her. She has been embroiled in a lot of controversies and her recent one are her talks of a feud with Sunny Leone.

It is no secret that Rakhi who was making ripples in the industry as an ‘item girl’ in films was replaced by Sunny Leone and that did not go down well with her. She has previously made statements in the media talking about the actress and yes, you guessed it. She has done it again!

In a shocking statement given to the media, Rakhi Sawant has alleged that Sunny Leone gave her number to someone in the adult film industry in Los Angeles and she has been getting calls from them now to act in the industry.

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She talked to IB Times about these allegations and claimed that people have been calling her asking her for her videos and medical certificate. She added,

Sunny Leone has given my number to the adult entertainment industry. I am getting calls from people there. They are asking for my videos and medical certificate and are offering me a good amount. But I am not at all interested in doing such work. I will die but will never ever get into that world. I am an Indian girl and I know my values. Mein dil se Hindustani hoon( I’m an Indian by heart). When I asked them how they got my number, they took Sunny Leone’s name.

She further alleged that when she posted a video on her Instagram congratulating the former adult star for her twins, she was contacted by an unknown number who claimed to be Sunny Leone.

Happy #ValentinesDay everyone!! 😘

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The voice on the other side allegedly asked her if she was jealous of Sunny to which she replied,

“After I posted the congratulating videos for the former porn star, she called me from unknown number and was asking if I am jealous of her. Why will I be? I have done good work in the B-Town. I have brought the trend of remix. People can sit with family to watch my work. However, I just hope people from porn industry don’t misuse my name and number.”

She also shared some screenshots with an IB Times staff member saying that they were from a person in the adult film industry who asked her if she was interested in the shooting of an upcoming film.

IB Times tried to get in touch with Sunny’s manager as well as her husband Daniel Weber but they haven’t replied yet.  These allegations are very serious and looking at Rakhi’s track record, we have our doubts but hey, who are we to judge?! Prove it, Rakhi. In the meantime, let us get our popcorn.