Pune Coachman Rides Bike Triple Seat Chasing Out-of-control Horse Carriage, Watch Video


While some grooms are arriving at their weddings on bikes, road rollers or skydiving from an aircraft, horse-drawn carriages still remain the most common mode of dulha entry. When 32-year-old coachman Jitendra Kadam was bringing back one such chariot after a shaadi, the leash snapped making him lose control of it.

According to The Times of India, the incident took place around 8.30 pm on December 6 on Pune’s Bund Garden Bridge. Subsequently, the coachman jumped off the carriage and asked two men riding a bike for help. A passerby captured the entire high-speed chase until the horses were stopped near Koregaon Park junction.

The coachman can be seen with the two men on the bike trying to catch hold of the harness and slowing down the horses. Unfortunately, towards the end, he falls off the bike and comes under the chariot’s wheels. A cop revealed that the horses suffered minor bruises. He was quoted adding,


“We have received the MLC report from Sassoon General Hospital stating that Kadam has sustained minor internal injuries in the incident. He also injured his hand.”

People expressed concern over the wellbeing of both the horses and the coachman and also compared the incident to an action movie sequence.




Police officials report that no other people or vehicles on the road were hit by the speeding carriage and a major accident was averted.

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