Desi Groom Skydives From An Aircraft To His Wedding Venue, Watch Video

‘Tis the wedding season, which means our desi folks are gonna do all things extraaaa. From extravagant wedding themes to having an unusual wedding shoot, people have been doing all this and more to celebrate their matrimony. Remember how a South Indian couple did a ‘dirty’ photoshoot in the mud? Or the bride who made an entry to her wedding in a coffin? Well, for this groom, the sky isn’t the limit when it comes to making a memorable entry at his own wedding.

A video of a groom sky-diving to his wedding has been doing rounds on the internet. The groom, Akash Yadav, joined the ‘baraatis’ by diving from an aircraft to wed his wife, Gaganpreet Singh, reports IE.

The guests at the wedding were seen cheering for him from the ground in Los Cabos, Mexico. But looks like this kind of craziness was expected from Akash. In the video, while the groom was seen flying like a bird mid-air with his parachute, one of the guests on the ground can be heard saying, “Only he would do this!”

But Akash had different plans in mind earlier. He originally wanted to arrive on a boat with friends and family to the venue. But since that wasn’t quite possible, he came up with the ‘diving from the air’ idea.

“I smiled and looked at my planners and said ‘if I can’t come by sea then I’ll come by sky’. They laughed and when it quieted down, I said, ‘No, I’m serious’. And the rest is history,” Akash said. Even his family weren’t able to stomach his idea. “I told my brother that morning as he was waking up that I was skydiving into my baraat and he said, ‘shut up, no you’re not’ and went back to sleep,” Akash recalled.

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Zohaib Ali, who documented the wedding, told Times Now that is was nerve-wracking. “We had to coordinate the dive, with not only us being ready but also the 500 Indians during the baraat. Plus, remember, we had no contact with the groom after he took the plunge. So we literally were left to look up and anticipate his jump. That was a little nerve-wracking for all but it all worked out in the end,” Ali added.

Ali also said that they were also informed of a storm on the wedding day. But even that didn’t deter him from making a grand entry. “It was all going smoothly…he was meant to jump at around 12:30 pm, but then we were told about the storm coming to Los Cabos, so, he had to jump earlier to beat the storm,” Ali said.

The couple who are both professional dancers and actors in the US tied the knot in a Hindu ceremony. Trust me, I haven’t seen someone trying something this extreme for their wedding. Do you plan going all out for your wedding? Share your plans with us!

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