A Bus Stop In Pune Got ‘Stolen’, Poster Offers ₹5000 As Reward To Anyone With Leads


In the past, instances have come to light where thieves have stolen ATM machines using construction diggers and even bridges in the dead of night! Now, a Pune resident has shared a poster claiming that a bus stop has been stolen from the city.

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The Reddit user translated the poster saying, “A bus stop at BT Kawade in front of Devaki Palace – property of Pune Mahanagar Parivahan for public use has been stolen. Anyone who has information for the same will be given a reward of Rs 5000. – By a local leader – Social Activist – Prashant (Anna) Mhaske.”

Someone stole a freaking bus stop near my place, Pune from india

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Some people poked fun at the unusual incident and others suspected that thieves stole it to sell the parts as scrap metal.

A few people suggested that it could be sarcasm and not an actual robbery and cited other examples where such posters were seen in the past.

Do you think the bus stop was actually stolen? Tell us!

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