Thieves Scoop Out ATM Machine Using Construction Digger, Twitter Calls It ‘Legendary’

A while back,ย #JCBKiKhudai started trending on Twitter after a user discovered that YouTube videos of the machine excavating rubble from construction sites were garnering a lot of views. Some found them entertaining while others found it calming. Pretty soon, there were also memes and JCB ka nagin dance.

Now, an old CCTV footage of thieves ripping out an ATM machine using the construction claw has resurfaced, leaving people impressed at their ingenuity.

According to The Guardian, a gang of masked thieves first stole the machine from a construction site and then the ATM from Dungiven, Northern Ireland. The incident (the 11th one this year) took place on April 7.ย BBC News reports that the entire theft took about 4 minutes after which they put the ATM on the roof of their car and drove off.

After the old video was shared on Twitter, it quickly went viral and amassed over 200,000 views.

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The ease of the crimes and the thieves’ brazenness have some people calling them the ‘Hole in the Wall Gang’. Thankfully, the Irish police have made several arrests and recovered a portion of the stolen cash from the gang.

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