11 Reasons Why I Am Proud Of My Country

We bicker and loathe over the state of our nation. There’s poverty and corruption, and admonishing it is easy. But accepting it is easier, for it has more beautiful stories to tell than we can imagine. For it isn’t my nation solely, it’s our Nation.

1. Because Unity in diversity is our thang! It’s our best asset. Ours is a country where a Punjabi falls in love with a Malayali over a cup of Assam tea!



2. Because our whole country roars, protests, and braves Lathi charge to bring an innocent girl to justice


3. Because the French are relying on us for technology now! Our scientists at ISRO are having a rocking year after successfully launching five foreign satellites into space


4. Because in the plethora of robust Indian athletes at the 2014 Commonwealth Games, this Indian guy, stood out by winning a Silver-Medal in Weightlifting, despite being affected by polio from an early age


5. Because the state of Kerala actually has more females per thousand males (1024:1000)

No wonder it’s known as God’s own country.


While the Piplantri village in Rajasthan plants 111 trees for every girl born there. Altogether, saving the environment AND celebrating the female child. Win-win!


6. Because even the United States of America couldn’t resist our charm. The current Miss America, Nina Davuluri, is of Indian descent

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7. Our country is now more literate than ever, no wonder the hard work of the likes of Mr. Rajesh Kumar Sharma is paying off


And as more and more people become literate, they come with a favourable side-effect. Now India’s population growth is gradually decreasing too.


8. Because our country is becoming more and more socially responsible, as our voter turnout this year was the highest recorded ever.

We even started the trend of inked-finger selfies!


9. Because with the vast and different cultures in India, we are spoilt for choice. Be it food, arts or Gods, we have everything in plenty


10. Because we are rich geographically. We have the largest of mountains

And the most beautiful beaches in the world all in one country


11. Because there’s a little bit of India in all of us, which drove us to freedom 68 years ago and to this very day boils our blood when a fellow Indian is wronged

What are your reasons?

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