This Thread Perfectly Sums Up Why The Poonam Pandey Stunt Is Unforgivable Despite Its Intent

Let’s just get things straight – Poonam Pandey faked her own death as a publicity stunt to raise awareness about cervical cancer and the HPV vaccine. This is unethical, insensitive and disrespectful on multiple levels. By faking her own death and turning cervical cancer into a mere Instagram hashtag, she has disregarded the painful journeys of countless patients of cervical cancer and their loved ones. She has spread misinformation and misused her credibility as a public figure.


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Nikhil Taneja, the co-founder of We Are Yuvaa took to X (formerly Twitter) to explain very articulately how this entire stunt is plain and simply wrong, irrespective of what the intentions behind it were.

This stunt was thoughtless and made a mockery out of real-life victims of cervical cancer.

Will women want to take the HPV vaccine and associate themselves with something Poonam Pandey has associated herself with?

In a country where women are seldom taken seriously for their harrowing experiences, this just makes things worse.

Poonam Pandey has a lot to gain from this stunt but because of all this noise, what truly matters – cervical cancer awareness and the HPV vaccine – will take a backseat.

Did nobody who was associated with the campaign take a few steps back and question how unethical this was?

Imagine how triggering this must have been for actual victims of cancer!

Do you agree with what is being said here?

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