Andhra Pradesh Constable Jumps Into Well To Save 70-Year-Old Woman From Drowning


Time and again, we’ve seen the men in uniform go beyond their duty to help citizens. For instance, a Hyderabad cop ran 2 km & cleared traffic to make way for an ambulance. Several such courageous incidents not only inspire us but also remind us that policemen are truly the protectors of our society.

Adding to the list, an Andhra Pradesh cop recently risked his life to save an elderly woman. According to a report by The New Indian Express, a police constable jumped into a well without thinking twice to save the life of a 70-year-old woman in Gudur village in Vijayawada.

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Around midnight, constables A Siva Kumar and Shyam received an alert via Dial 100 about the elderly woman who had fallen into a well at her house. However, even though locals had gathered to help her, they couldn’t do much due to the darkness and depth of the well.


The constables, who were on their regular night beat, reached within minutes and found that the elderly woman, B Savitri, was about to drown. But as there was no ladder or rope around, Siva Kumar decided to jump in. He was quoted saying,

“My only thought at that moment was to save her. I balanced the woman on my lap to keep her from drowning.”

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Eventually, his colleague and locals found a rope and brought them out to safety. However, as the nearby government hospital was reportedly unable to send medical staff, Siva Kumar immediately called a Registered Medical Practitioner (RMP) in the locality. They provided medical aid to the elderly woman and Siva Kumar, who had sustained minor injuries. The woman is doing well now.

Kudos to the brave officer. It’s people like him who restore our faith in humanity.


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