Bangalore Cop Turns Teacher For Migrant Workers’ Kids, Teaches Them Everyday Before Duty

Online classes have been proved to be a luxury for kids who come from financially-stressed families. With no laptops, smartphones, and the internet, the education of such kids has been hampered.

However, one Bengaluru cop has brought hope into the lives of migrant workers’ kids in such difficult times. According to a report by The New Indian Express, the 30-year-old police officer, Shanthappa Jademmnavar, teaches as many as 30 kids in Nagarbhavi before reporting for duty in the morning.

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“My duty starts at 8.30 AM. So, I teach them for an hour from 7 AM,” the cop said.

Officer Shanthappa is the Sub-Inspector at Annapurneshwari Nagar and teaches the kids life-skills, general knowledge, and Vedic Maths. Having been the son of a migrant worker too, he knows the importance of education in one’s life.

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“These children do not have a tablet, television or access to online and distance-education classes. Some of the families in the hamlet have a feature phone, a few have smartphones, but even to charge that there is just single-point access and is a hassle. The area where they live has no electricity as well,” he reveals.

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To motivate the children to complete their homework, Officer Shanthappa also offers them incentives like chocolates or a geometry box!

People on the internet are lauding the cop for his contribution to the children’s lives. Many hailed him as a “hero”.

Previously, in a similar incident, a cop in Indore taught a poor boy every day after duty so he could become a cop too.

It is touching so see such people going the extra mile to help kids receive an education. Kudos to Officer Shanthappa!

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