PM Narendra Modi Appears On Twinkle Khanna’s Scrabble Board And Her Reason Is Pure GOLD

When she is not busy tickling our funny bones hard, be it announcing the arrival of her new neighbourspotting pirated copies of her own books or complimenting her friend on their dresses with questionable adjectives, Twinkle Khanna, like everyone else loves spending quality time with her family.

And as she knows her way with words, we are not surprised that Twinkle Khanna loves playing Scrabble.

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On Wednesday, Twinkle Khanna took to Twitter to share a picture of her enjoying a lazy afternoon playing Scrabble with her son, Aarav.

According to the caption, Ms Khanna was having a tough time beating her son.


While everyone else was busy ‘awwing’ the adorable picture of the mom and son, business tycoon Harsh Goenka noticed something peculiar.


And Mrs Funnybones justified her Twitter handle with a witty reply for Mr Goenka.

Well, that was some Twitter chat between the two. Also, Mr Goenka certainly deserve an ‘A+’ for a perfect eyesight.

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