Photographer’s ‘Behind The Scenes’ Series Show Efforts That Go Into Clicking Gorgeous Pics

“We keep this love in a photograph
We made these memories for ourselves….

Each and every photograph has a story to tell. Celebration, heartbreak, love or loss…every picture has a special memory that you can never let go off. And the art of capturing moments isn’t easy. It takes the right lighting, timing, setting and for the artist to know it’s very subject. While I have always appreciated the art that meets the eye, I have also been curious as to how…just how do they do it!

Answering all questions you and I have ever wondered, here’s Gilmar Silva, Brazilian wedding, and family photographer with her ‘Behind The Scenes’ series. She’s revealing one by one all the dirty work that goes behind those gorgeous pictures and it’s quite av eye-opener, to be honest!

1. Baby’s gotta sleep and photoshop is a thing!

2. Water ones are usually quite tricky.

3. Her beautiful smile makes you think that it must have been an easy-peasy job to lie down and smile.

4. His effort certainly paid off well.

5. The place does not look as beautiful as it does in the final product!

6. Swing away!

7. And that’s how it’s done, ladies and gentlemen!

8. Pre-wedding shoot reality!

9. That seems like one heck of a job!

10. So I guess, adventure is a myth!

11. Who could have imagined that such a beautiful picture would come out of a neglected river-body like that?

12. Also, slaying takes a lot of effort now, doesn’t it?

13. That’s some dedication!

14. We knew it wasn’t easy being a mermaid, but this seems really hard!

15. Angle makes all the difference!

16. So, we are off to an uncomfortable start for a romantic picture! Don’t all Indian wedding begin that way?

17. Fly angel, fly!

With all these pictures in perspective, I have massive respect for the kind of work they do! Also, thank you photoshop, you literally brighten up our world!

All pictures were taken from photographer’s Facebook page

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