A ‘Smelly Cat’ Fan? Then Take This Ultimate Phoebe Buffay Quiz!

Phoebe Buffay is perhaps the most unique character in ‘Friends’- eccentric and ditsy yet also very lovable and street smart. And not to forget the zany songs she performs at Central Perk! But how well do you know her? Take this quiz and find out.

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1. What is her twin sister’s name?

2. What food does she crave during her pregnancy?

3. Why won’t she go to the dentist?

4. Name her triplets.

5. What business does she start with Monica?

6. What family heirloom does she inherit?

7. What disappointing news does she get on her 30th birthday?

8. What alias does she frequently use?

9. Who was Phoebe's first ex-husband who married her to get a green card?

10. What is her costume in "The One With The Halloween Party"?

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