After Getting Over 10,000 Tweets & Requests, Parle Brings Back Rola-Cola

There’s no denying the fact that Twitter can be very, very distracting. Spending excessive time on the micro-blogging site is detrimental to work and sometimes even wasteful. But when utilised for the right reasons, it can deliver great results. It can mobilize millions of school students worldwide to fight climate change and also bring back childhood memories in the flesh!

Remember Rola-Cola, the popular candy from the 90s? It was discontinued in 2006 and just like the rest of us, Twitter user @ssaig was sad to see it go. In February 2019, he asked the manufacturer Parle what it would take to bring ‘the solid cola’ back and got the ball rolling.

According to Business Insider, the brand then began considering a relaunch. Less than a week after the first tweet, Parle said, “If all you need is Rola-Cola, then all we need is 10k retweets,” and pretty soon #BringBackRolaCola started trending.

The Hindu Business Line quoted Krishna Rao, Senior Category Head Parle Products saying,

“We had discontinued Rola-Cola around 2006 for the domestic market while continuing to sell it in international markets such as Africa. But when a customer asked us how many retweets we will need to get the candy back on shelves in the country, we responded swiftly. As the positive responses started pouring in, we set an aim to bring the brand back on retail shelves in about 75 days — after getting 10,000 retweets.”

On Tuesday, all the efforts paid off and the company officially announced that the candy was back! News18 reports that its new avatar is taller, stronger and cooler with 12 pack slabs!

Needless to say, 90s kids were over the moon after hearing the announcement and shared their joy over the revival.

We think it’s time to start a movement and #BringBackPoppins next. And Chiclets. Any other iconic treat you’d like to bring back to the shelves?

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