From Australia To Assam, People Turn Up In Huge Numbers For The #GlobalClimateStrike

Carbon emissions around the globe have hit a record high thereby contributing to global warming. There is no time like the present to raise awareness about the climate crisis and urge governments all over the world to implement dedicated climate laws. And that is exactly what 16-year-old activist and Nobel prize nominee Greta Thunberg is doing.

She has mobilised school students to join hands and go on a climate strike starting today. The last leg of the strike will be in New York where she will lead the way to the United Nations headquarters with the aim of convincing world leaders gathering at the UN Climate Action Summit to take immediate steps against the crisis.

Students are missing school with or without their teacher’s permission and some offices are also encouraging the adults to participate by turning on the fire alarm. The Guardian quoted Leila Koita, an 11-year-old protestor in Edinburgh saying,

“This is our Earth and our Future. We need to take care of it.”

In India, the strike is seeing participation from people in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Assam. Students are turning up in huge numbers and asking lawmakers as well as corporate houses to stop making excuses and fight against global warming.

Al Jazeera quoted Delhi student Asheer Kandhari saying,

“I have come to this protest today because I live in the world’s most polluted city and our government is doing nothing to change that.”

Rallies are being undertaken in Bali, Sydney, Japan, Philippines, Berlin, London and many other places. The strike has people from all professions coming together and holding signs like ‘summer is coming’, ‘adopt a tree’, ‘one planet, one chance’ and ‘so bad even an introvert is here’.

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According to CNN, employees of Facebook, Google, Amazon and Microsoft are also going to support the climate movement. Some tech stores have announced that they will remain closed due to the “climate emergency”. World leaders, are you listening?

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