Bengaluru Boy Who Went Missing For 3 Days Travels Across 3 Cities With Only ₹100 In His Pocket

A few days ago, a 12-year-old boy named Parinav went missing from Bengaluru. He is a Class-6 student of Deens Academy and was last spotted at a coaching centre in Whitefield around 11 am. Pictures of him were shared all across social media with random strangers trying to trace him and spreading awareness to help his family.

On January 24, the boy was finally found in Hyderabad. But how did he get there?

While the exact details of why he left home are unknown, NDTV reports that he left his coaching centre in Whitefield at 11 AM and then at 3 PM, he was spotted at a petrol pump near Yemlur with the help of CCTV. After that, he was spotted deboarding a bus that evening in Bengaluru’s Majestic bus terminus.

With only Rs 100 in his pocket, the boy travelled to Mysuru, then to Chennai and finally to Hyderabad. He also sold a few Parker pens for Rs 100 each to meet his expenses.

After pictures of him were widely circulated on social media, strangers started to come together to find the boy. Some of them volunteered to physically visit Majestic. One passenger travelling via a metro in Hyderabad spotted the boy and confronted him. When Parinav confirmed his identity, he was stopped at Nampally metro station. His parents were informed who were then on their way to Hyderabad.

Parinav’s father, Sukesh, is an engineer who has no idea how and why the boy ended up in Hyderabad.

“I really want to thank all those nameless strangers who helped us in finding my boy. Without his picture being splashed all over, the person in Hyderabad would never have thought to stop a boy and ask,” he said.

Thank heavens the boy was found!

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