Parents Leave Their Baby At Check-In & Run To Board Flight To Avoid Paying For Kid’s Ticket

It is still understandable if new parents forget to carry their baby along when a lot is happening around them. It’s called brain fog and there have been incidents in the past where parents have left their babies at grocery stores and airports because it totally skipped their minds. Does it make them irresponsible? Absolutely. But does that mean they are bad parents? Debatable.

However, this couple proved that they are terrible parents after they left their baby at the check-in counter at the airport after being asked to pay for an extra ticket for the kid.

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Here’s what happened.

According to Independent, the incident happened at an Israeli airport. The couple had Belgian passports and were travelling from Tel Aviv to Brussels. They had booked tickets just for themselves and not for the baby. Many airlines do not charge extra for babies and there is no need to purchase an extra ticket, but it varies from airline to airline.

When the couple was asked to purchase an extra ticket for the child, they went on to leave the kid in the stroller and headed towards passport control. Apparently, the couple had arrived late at the airport and were anxious that they would miss their flight. So forget buying a ticket for the baby. The couple left the baby behind in order to not waste any time!

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According to CNN, a check-in agent contacted airport security who then caught hold of the two passengers. The matter has now been transferred to the local police.

If people can’t handle babies, why birth them in the first place?

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