Desi Hearts Swell With Pride At Video Of Woman Singing Rabindra Sangeet In Pakistani Serial

Music has been a binding force that has brought people of different countries, creeds, and ideologies together. Earlier, Indians and Pakistanis came together and gave an emotional see-off to the popular Pakistani hard rock band, Strings. And recently, people across the border were seen grooving to a mashup of classic Bollywood songs sung by a Pakistani band known as ‘Khudgharz’.

Now, videos of a Pakistani serial featuring Rabindra Sangeet have proved that music had no boundaries.

In one of the clips from the show that aired in 2019, one of the lead actors named Yumna Zaidi is seen singing the popular Bengali song ‘Amaro Porano Jaha Chay’, reported Times Now.

The videos that were initially shared by the director of the TV show have now spread like wildfire online.

In another clip, Yumna’s character is seen lip-synching another song titled ‘Ami tomaro birohe rohibo bilin’. Interestingly, the songs were play backed by Sharvari Deshpande of ‘Chhapaak’.

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Desis online were pleased to see Rabindra Sangeet being sung in a Pakistani serial. This is how they reacted:

This is indeed heartwarming and sweet.

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