Watch: Pakistani Band’s Foot-Tapping Mashup Song Has Desi Friends Lip-syncing On Insta

From people getting assistance amid the pandemic to two lovebirds uniting, social media has today become a very helpful tool to amplify one’s pleas. It has also helped a lot of creators get recognition across the globe and anything that’s foot-tappingly good like this mashup song spreads like wildfire, and trends within no time.

A Pakistani band known as ‘Khudgharz’ posted a mashup of three classic songs ‘Kya Mujhe Pyar Hai’, ‘Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai’, and ‘Labon Ko’ on its social media handles.

Since the video of the friends vibing and jamming to the old Bollywood songs was loved by all, people started lip-synching to the audio. And among them was video creator Tushar Chatterje who used the audio and created an Instagram reel wherein he and his friends were enjoying a picnic and lip-synched to Khudgharz’s mashup by a bonfire.

And interesting, within hours of him posting the video, it went viral with people reminiscing the memorable moments with their friends.

But Tushar somehow forgot to give credits to the OG band members of the mashup. Hence via the comments section, Khudgharz reminded him that he forgot to mention them in the credits.

And as soon as this came to Tushar’s attention, he edited the video caption and gave them the due credits for the audio. And bam, everyone came to know about the artists behind the trending video, and now it’s everywhere on the internet.

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Well, if you have been also looking for the OG video, then fret not. We got you sorted. Now, sit back and enjoy the video, and thank us later!

This is how much love people showered on them:

I love how with the help of social media we get to know about these wonderfully talented artists across the border. Great work, guys!

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