As Onion Prices Skyrocket To ₹80 Per Kg, Memes Flood Social Media!

Whether you accompany your mom for vegetable shopping or not, you must be familiar with the rising prices of onions in the market. Believe it or not but onions have actually become more expensive than petrol and diesel. From as low as Rs. 10 per Kg to Rs. 70-80 per Kg, the price of onions are rising rapidly.

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Apart from getting people worried, the sky-rocketing price of the kitchen staple in the market has also sparked a hilarious meme fest on social media. People are sharing suitable memes to combat the pressure of increasing prices of onion. Have a look:

According to a report in The Indian Express, the rise in the prices of onion in Maharashtra which began with Rs. 1000 per quintal has now reached to Rs 4000 per quintal recently. The central government is actively looking for a solution to slow down the growing rates of onions.

We hope they find a way to make the prices of the bulb drop back to normal soon! AMEN!
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