The Old-Age Filter Has People Freaking Out As They Look Exactly Like Their Parents!

In case you have been seeing pictures of too many old faces on your social media feeds, it is because FaceApp has become the new in-thing. Somehow the app has got people all excited to see how they would look like when old age strikes them, and then are terribly disturbed by the ‘wrinkly’ outcome!

According to sources, the app analysesย the neural networks on your face to identify the spots where you’ll wrinkle, the parts that will sag over the years and also how far your hairline will recede. Pretty amazing, huh?

Some people had their doubts regarding the accuracy of the app and whether they’ll at all look like that when they age. To test the results, they compared their images with pictures of their parents and were shocked at the uncanny resemblance! Take a look:

The accuracy is spot on!