After Getting In Trouble For Marrying Her Son, Mom Marries Her Daughter As They Hit It Off!

We all love our mothers and are eternal grateful to them for the love they shower upon us. Each one of us, loves our respective mums in different capacities and that is not a quantifiable love. One simply can’t measure it. But, there are some people who take the love on a different route, to a different level. Like, they romantically fall in love with their moms.

In a weird case that has come to light, a 44-year-old Oklahama woman, Patricia Ann Clayton, was arrested on grounds of incest, for marrying her 26-year-old biological daughter, Misty Velvet Dawn Spann in March 2016.

Courtesy: Huffington Post

According to a Huffington Post report, she had lost custody of her three kids when they were very young and were adopted by their grandmother. Patricia was not in touch with any of the kids.

Woman Married Daughter
Courtesy: Huffington Post

The two reunited in 2014 and immediately hit it off. They decided to get married in 2016.

The matter came to light after Oklahoma Department of Human Services child welfare investigator suspected the couple of having an incestuous relationship. Oklahoma state law considers marrying a close relative incest regardless of whether a sexual relationship exists.

They were arrested in September, last year. And, their marriage was annulled in August 2016.

Patricia has told the officials that marrying Misty wasn’t illegal because the daughter’s birth certificate didn’t list her as mother. That’s also why they got the marriage license.

Courtesy: Huffington Post

In the recent development, daughter, Misty has plead guilty of incest and took a deal of 10 year probation. The mother is yet to appear in court in January 2018.

You think it’s weird? Umm, wait till you hear this.

This isn’t the first time the mother has married one of her offspring. In 2008, she had married her son . But the marriage was annulled after 18 months after the son cited incest as a reason.

Double the weird levels, please!