40 Years Ago A Novel Predicted Coronavirus Breakout, Called It ‘Wuhan-400’

The coronavirus has proven to be the gravest epidemic that the world has experienced. The disease has claimed the lives of nearly 1,800 people in China and has infected 70,000 others, according to the Economic Times.

What is uncanny is that a novel written by author Dean Koontz in 1981, The Eyes of Darkness, predicted the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, reports India Today.

A Twitter user recently posted pictures of the book and the exact paragraph where the reference to coronavirus is made. In the book, the virus is named as Wuhan-400.

In the novel, the virus is described as the “perfect weapon” because it only affects humans, reports Fox News. It also mentioned how the Wuhan-400 cannot survive outside the human body for more than a minute.

Have a look at the tweet here:

People on the internet are freaked out by the cryptic description of the virus and the eerie similarity it has with what we are experiencing today.

We hope that China gets relieved of this deadly disease soon!