In Tamil Nadu, A ‘Not-So-Clever’ Thief Hides Face With Transparent Plastic Bag, Gets Arrested

The internet is a goldmine for stuff which makes us roll on the floor with laughter, all you gotta do is search. But sometimes, the laughter Gods are feeling a little generous and they may drop hilarious instances right on our lap and today, we bring you an incident that will leave you in stitches!

As reported by NDTV, recently, a thief robbed a mobile store in Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu, and got caught in the CCTV camera in his act. While the owner of the store identified only as Sachin, was robbed of ₹1 lakh, he could not stop laughing when he checked his cameras. The reason?

The thief, while entering the store had covered his face with…wait for it… a transparent plastic bag. Yes, the genius thief can be seen walking to the store with a plastic bag over half his head, constantly glancing around to see if he’s alone.

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What’s more is that our super-thief exposed a tattoo he had on his hand while climbing on the counter when he broke into the store. The store owner wasted no time to inform the police and the criminal was arrested soon after.

You can watch the hilarious video here:

The man acts like he’s Hrithik Roshan from “Dhoom:2” (Master of disguises…get it? get it?) because it’s like he’s freakin’ invisible in that transparent bag “covering” his face. I aspire to have his confidence, someday.

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