“No Guy Has All 3” Trends On Twitter As People Prove The Perfect Man Doesn’t Exist


What do you do when your brain cells run out of battery on a Thursday and there’s still a ton of work left to do? Recharge it with some good-old Twitter humour of course!

The micro-blogging site has hilarious threads translating Hollywood movie names into Hindi, sharing childhood memories, revealing the weirdest reason for a breakup and even how to please a woman in 5 words! The most recent one though explores the question – Does the perfect man exist?

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Well, if you exclude characters in films, books, TV series, and comics then the answer is no. And people are proving that all men have flaws by tweeting 3 qualities with “no guy has all 3”. Here are some of the wittiest ones.

  1. The search is still ON


2. That second trait though

3. Sad


4. Agreed

5. LOL


6. The holy trinity

7. So relatable

8. Ouch!



10. Where’s the lie?

11. 100% True

12. Sigh


13. He Who Must Not Be Named. You Know Who.

14. Any Pokemon fans in the house?

15. Phineas & Ferb reference #FTW

Let us know if you’ve found one with all three traits so that we can take heart and hold out hope. Until then, time to finish up our pending work.

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