People Celebrate Hindi Diwas By Tweeting Hilarious Hindi Translations Of Hollywood Movies!


Today, the country is celebrating ‘Hindi diwas’, the annual event that celebrates the popularity of Hindi in India. The date holds significance since the time the Constituent Assembly of India adopted ‘Hindi written in Devanagari script’ as one of the official languages of the Republic of India on 14 September 1949. The event is widely celebrated by citizens sharing their wishes across social media.

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But the internet came up with a quirky way to celebrate the day and that’s how #HollywoodMoviesHindiName started to trend.

Netizens are translating Hollywood movie titles from English to Hindi. Now Spider-Man becomes ‘Makdi Aadmi’ and Mission Impossible is ‘Tumse Na Ho Payega’. These translations are hilarious AF!

Well, the internet never fails to surprise us. Entertainment quotient-high sir!

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