People Are Applauding Nike For Installing Plus-Size Mannequins & Promoting Inclusivity

Girls, have you ever wondered why sometimes clothes look better when they are worn by mannequins? Well, it’s probably because they are 6-feet tall with a 24-inch waist. And most of us aren’t blessed with this industry dictated ‘perfect figure’. But worry not because times are changing and fashion is slowly but surely becoming more inclusive.

Case in point, Nike’s store in Oxford Street, London now boasts of plus-size mannequins in a move to display diversity and cater to all the women out there with beautiful curves!

CNN Style reports that the aim of the sportswear brand was,

“To celebrate the diversity and inclusivity of sport, the space will not just celebrate local elite and grassroot athletes through visual content, but also show Nike plus size and para-sport mannequins for the first time on a retail space.”

It is common knowledge that many fashion and sports labels are not size-inclusive and cater mostly to skinny and average-sized people while ignoring the curvier ones. Which is why it is heartening to see such positive changes that smash the notions of body shaming.

People are impressed by the brand for embracing the fact that real women come in all shapes and sizes.

In a time where there have been instances of actresses fainting because their dresses were too tight, this comes as a breath of fresh air, don’t you think?

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