Elle Fanning Fainting At Cannes As Her Dress Was ‘Too Tight’ Is Everything That’s Wrong With Fashion!

The recent MET gala and the Cannes Film Festival saw popular celebrity faces, all outdoing themselves in terms of fashion! Desi girls Deepika, Priyanka, Aishwarya, Kangana were spotted in the events and boy oh boy did they look stunning! However, a certain incident that happened at Cannes made a lot of people question “fashion” altogether.

Actress Elle Fanning, who was one of the members of the Cannes jury, fainted during the dinner party because her dress was “too tight”.

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According to sources, Elle was sitting next to her sister, Dakota Fanning, when she fell off the chair. Dakota helped the actress get back up on her feet with the assistance of actor Colin Firth, who was seated nearby, and were taken away by the security.

Later, Elle took to her Instagram to post that everything was all good and that the incident happened because her dress was too tight and that she was on her period.

However, British actress Jameela Jamil pointed out how everyone is made to fit into their dresses instead of focusing the other way round – wear a dress that fits you.




Netizens have been taking this opportunity to talk about how celebrities are made to wear outfits that are too tight according to their liking in the name of fashion.

Even Kim Kardashian was made to wear an extremely tight dress forcing with corsets forcing her into an hour-glass figure in this years MET Gala. In a behind the scenes video, Kim openly accepted not being able to sit, stand, eat, go to the toilet, and even had to do take breathing lessons to fit into her dress!

While all of this might look glamorous from the outside, the fashion world does come with its own ills and biases!

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