Guy Shares How His 6-YO Niece Mistook Leander Paes For A Dancer, Tennis Maestro Responds

Leander Paes’ popularity is like a Bollywood blockbuster sequel that never ends – always leaving fans wanting more. He’s like that one friend whom everyone knows in town, from the chaiwala to the CEO. His popularity isn’t just limited to tennis. It’s a universal truth that’s whispered among the stars and shouted by the pigeons in the park.


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However, I feel like a lot of the younger generation might need an introduction to him. Leander Paes is a former Indian tennis sensation and is regarded as one of the greatest doubles tennis players of all time. From his Grand Slam conquests, flaunting doubles titles like badges of honour to the prestigious Padma Bhushan adorning his achievements, Leander Paes is the epitome of sporting excellence sprinkled with a generous dose of humour. And it’s great to see how he has kept his humour intact.

For example, a guy named Prithvi took to X to share how his 6-year-old niece mistook Leander Paes for a dancer in one of her textbook exercises where she had to match a famous personality to their profession.

In the process of doing so, she turned Prabhu Deva into a tennis player!

When Paes noticed this hiccup, he responded by saying that the rumours were indeed true and attached a video as proof as well – ‘him’ dancing to ‘Oh Oh Jaane Jana’. Have a look:

Enthralled by his humour, people turned this video and Leander Paes into memes! Have a look:

He’s a comedic maestro on and off the court! 😀

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