Journos Provocate Neeraj Chopra’s Mom With Questions About Arshad Nadeem, She Shows Grace

Hate, a corrosive and destructive emotion, has the ability to spread like wildfire through our society. It is fueled by biases, misunderstandings, and negative experiences and finds fertile ground in the hearts of individuals seeking an outlet for their frustrations. The digital age has furthered its consumption, as social media platforms serve as breeding grounds for the amplification and validation of hateful sentiments.

Hate often becomes a self-perpetuating cycle – those who consume it frequently become consumed by it themselves. Which is probably why hate sells more than love. News channels, social media posts and YouTube videos are filled with a particular kind of hate-spreading topic, and that is India versus Pakistan. People consume it like popcorn.

Journalists recently tried to spread hate by asking provocative questions to Neeraj Chopra’s mother by trying to pit him against his Pakistani opponent Arshad Nadeem.


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As you may already know, Neeraj Chopra became the first Indian to win a gold medal at the World Athletics Championships, but not before he got solid takkar from his opponent Arshad Nadeem, who is equally fierce in his sport. Not once, but multiple times Neeraj Chopra has come out in support of Arshad Nadeem when certain elements of our society were foulmouthing him. Even during tournaments, Neeraj and Arshad are incredibly friendly because sports, after all, transcend boundaries.

And I think he gets this quality from his mother, Saroj Devi, who recently was asked provocative questions about Arshad Nadeem by certain journalists. They asked her about her opinion regarding her son’s victory over a player from Pakistan.

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To this, she gracefully replied, “Look, everyone has come to play in the field. One or the other will definitely win. So there is no question of being from Pakistan or Haryana. And it is a matter of great happiness. Even if Arshad had won, there would’ve been great happiness.”

Here’s a look at a video capturing this incident:

People online lauded Saroj Devi for being so graceful and loving and not letting journalists get their way. Here’s how some people responded to the video:

Not just Neeraj Chopra, but his mother too should be an inspiration for all of us! 🙂

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