Neeraj Chopra Urges People Not To Criticize Pak Athlete Who Took His Javelin Before Finals

Recently in an interview, Neeraj Chopra revealed that after his return from Tokyo Olympics, his training and health suffered because of the incessant number of events that he is having to attend, for which he had to skip the Diamond League.

In the same interview, Chopra revealed an interesting story about something that happened during the day of the Olympic finals concerning Pakistan javelin thrower Arshad Nadeem.

TOI quoted him saying:

“I was searching for my javelin at the start of the final. I was not able to find it. Suddenly, I saw Arshad Nadeem was moving around with my javelin. Then I told him, ‘Bhai, give this javelin to me. It is my javelin. I have to throw it.’ He gave it back to me. That’s why, you must have seen, I took my first throw hurriedly.”

However, several people online started trolling Arshad Nadeem.


Later, Neeraj Chopra took to Twitter to address such tweets trolling his competitor. He requested people not to misconstrue his words and said that he was deeply saddened by this behavior.

“Sports teaches us to be together and united. I’m extremely disappointed to see some of the reactions from the public on my recent comments,” he said.

Have a look at the video here:

It is truly a shame when some people find excuses to portray a fellow competitor in a negative light.

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