Neeraj Chopra Does It Again! Becomes 1st Indian To Win Gold At World Athletics Championships

There is this one meme that consistently pops up on social media whenever Olympic Gold medalist Neeraj Chopra competes in a tournament. It says something like, “Daily routine of Neeraj Chopra: Neend se utho, desh ka naam roshan karo, aur phir so jao.

And this is a very accurate description of his routine because the ace javelin thrower seldom comes back home disappointed in his performance. His latest achievement at the World Athletics Championships bears witness to this idea.

According to TOI, Neeraj Chopra has done it again. He became the first Indian to win gold in Javelin Throw at the National Athletics Centre in Budapest, Hungary, after launching the javelin to 88.17m at the World Athletics Championships.

The way he proudly puts his arms up in the air after his legendary throw hints at how he must have known that the particular throw would be his winning moment.

At only 25 years old, Neeraj has gold medals for the 2021 Olympics, 2018 Asian Games, 2018 Commonwealth Games, and the U-20 World Championships.

Of course, congratulations were in order for his remarkable feat. Messages started to pour in for the champ on social media and people lauded his recent achievement. Here’s a look at some of the responses:

He is indeed one of India’s finest athletes! Kudos to him!

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