Meet The Nagaland Minister Whose Sense Of Humor Has Made Him The Internet’s Favourite Person

Meet Temjen Imna Along, who is Nagaland’s Higher Education and Tribal Affairs Minister. On times when he isn’t busy with government duties, he makes Twitter laugh with his sense of humour.

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Temjen Imna Along is one of those cool leaders we tend to see in movies. He has the ability to make people laugh with his words while simultaneously spreading an important message. He is the kind of leader who will instantly become popular amongst the younger generation. Let me give you examples to support this claim.

Recently, he shared a screenshot on Twitter containing the ‘Google Search’ results after one types his name. One of them includes ‘Temjen Imna Along wife’. The man is single and he tweeted, “Google search excites me. I am still looking for her!”

When founder and Shark Tank judge Anupam Mittal offered to help him out, Along wrote, “Bhai filhal hum bindas hai.”

Here’s another incident. On World Population Day, he urged people to remain single like him and asked them to join the “singles movement”.

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The way he speaks tends to attract your attention instantly. There was this one time when he spoke to a crowd about the kind of racism he faced while visiting the Taj Mahal back in 1999. He revealed that he was mistaken for a foreigner because of the way he looks. He was also made to stand in a separate line and asked to pay $20 USD as entry fee.

In another video, while addressing the same crowd, the Minister claims that people keep on saying that those from the Northeast have small eyes. He then goes on to hilariously cite the benefits of having small eyes including how less dust is able to penetrate into the eyes and how during a lengthy program, he can sleep without anyone realising!

With his growing popularity on Twitter, he thought he should thank everyone for their love. And he did so, with a Govinda meme!

Don’t know about you, but I have become a fan!

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