Man Performs ‘Naagin Dance’ On Groom’s Horse, Twitter Responds To Viral Video With Hilarious Jokes

There are various dance forms in the world like Ballet, Tango, Waltz or Salsa. India is also home to a plethora of classical dances like Kathak, Bharatnatyam and Kuchipudi. Unofficially though, at shaadis, we also perform Bollywood freestyle and the crazy Naagin dance. At every desi wedding, there is at least one person (inebriated or otherwise) who does the snake-inspired dance and entertains guests with his/her antics.

Recently, Twitter user @Bhayankur shared a video clip of a man doing a super-flexible version of the Naagin dance while sitting atop the groom’s horse.

The video of this baraat procession has since gone viral online. People can’t get enough of the young groom’s nonchalant expressions and the man’s physics-defying moves. Some netizens are cracking flexibility jokes while others are feeling sorry for the poor horse citing animal cruelty.

The internet was equal parts amused and surprised at the jig and cracked the funniest jokes after watching it.

This isn’t the first time something unexpected (read: ridiculous) happened at a wedding though. There have been cases of guests taking home containers filled with free food, grooms playing PUBGΒ and even people throwing plates and beating up waitersΒ because they didn’t like the dishes on the menu.

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