Groom Plays PUBG During His Wedding & Bride’s Reaction Is Priceless! Watch Viral Video

PUBG mania refuses to cease! Countless number of PUBG addiction cases where people end up hurting themselves or their friends and family have come to light recently.

Remember the teenager who stole 50,000 Rs from his parents to buy clothes and arms in the game? Or the young man who stabbed his brother-in-law as his phone’s battery died while he was playing a battle?

The stupid and bizarre tales of PUBG lovers leave people staggered and in shock!! To add to the boastful list of all the unpredictable things PUBG lovers can do for the game, here’ s a clip of a groom going viral on social media.

The video shows a groom indulging in a PUBG battle while he is seated with his bride during their wedding. The bride does nothing but looks helplessly at her PUBG addict groom!

The video has been going viral on social media like a wildfire. While some are making fun of the groom others can’t stop pitying the helpless bride.

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Owing to the serious cases of addiction, the online battle game, PUBG has faced several issues in the country. Gujarat government has already banned the game in some of its cities. Numerous petitions are being filed to ban the game in other parts of the country as well.

We hope this PUBG mania which is driving people crazy, literally ends soon! Amen!