Murali Vijay Celebrated His 100 Against SL By Doing A Dab With Virat Kohli. Aww, You Guys!

What’s a celebration without some dancing, right? RIGHT? Well, our Men in Blue, particularly Murali Vijay and Virat Kohli definitely think so! And when the ongoing IND v SL  gave them a reason to get their jig on, they didn’t hold back!

Our Men in Blue, currently dressed in all white for their test match against Sri Lanka, have been in stellar form lately.

After hitting a century during his comeback match in Nagpur, Murali Vijay scored yet another ton today, at the Feroz Shah Kotla stadium in New Delhi against Sri Lanka. And guess what he did to celebrate? The cutest little victory jig you’ll ever see!

Come on, two consecutive centuries deserve nothing less! Murali Vijay took his time basking in triumphant glory, as he gestured towards his fans and the TV screen a couple of times.

And then he was joined by skipper Virat Kohli, who was also batting at that time!

The two hugged as is the usual trend and then, heavens knows whose idea it was, but they indulged in a little dab! It’s so adorable, you’ve got to watch it!

For the uninitiated, ‘The Dab’ is a hip hop dance move made quite famous by several celebrities on their social media. In fact, our boys too have done some dabbing on the field previously!

Now something as awesome as this had to have an equally incredible follow up. And what do you know, it did!

Virat Kohli, too, hit his third consecutive 100, which now makes him the fourth fastest Indian to reach 5000 runs in test cricket! There is no stopping Kohli, is there?

Alas, those hoping for another quick dab were left high and dry because Kohli’s celebration was quite muted compared to Murali Vijay’s.

The winter sun is the perfect condition for batting right and now looks like our Men in Blue are taking excellent advantage of this!

Let’s get you more reasons to do The Dab with a win, guys!