Mumbai Police Thrashed Varun Dhawan For Risking The Life Of A Fan And It’s Savage AF!

Mumbai Police have, time and again, proven their tweeting prowess for all to see. Be it nabbing culprits on the cues of their handles or teaching people a lesson or two about road safety. The Twitter handle @MumbaiPolice seldom leaves a chance to educate/enlighten the Twitterverse. But if you’re thinking it doesn’t get better than that, you can’t imagine what’s coming your way!

Yes, fellas, it’s a lucky day because Mumbai police has done their amazing job in an even amazing way (AGAIN) and it will make you go, ‘WOAH’. Not kidding.

In a first of its kind, Mumbai Police just schooled actor, Varun Dhawan about road safety for a stunt he pulled on the streets and it’s savage, to say the least! 

Varun_dvn These adventures surely work on the silver screen but certainly not on the roads of Mumbai! You have risked your life, your admirer’s & few others.

We expect better from a responsible Mumbaikar & youth icon like you! An E-Challan is on the way to your home. Next time, we will be harsher.

That’s right. They’re watching. Everyone of us!

Needless to say, Twitter is in awe of them and reaction/applauds are pouring in! 

1. Told ya!

2. Job well done.

3. Take a bow!


5. Umm. There was another request too!

I don’t know about you, but I’m wondering what Varun Dhawan has to say about this. Also before leaving, thank you for doing what you do, Mumbai police. We owe you so many!


So, Varun Dhawan has replied to Mumbai Police’s tweet and I think we can give him this one, you guys. Read his tweet here. 

After all…all’s well, that ends well. Amirite?