Mumbai’s High Tide Brings In A Mountain Of Trash From The Sea, BMC Workers Clear 25 Tonnes!


Mumbai is officially at the mercy of the rain God yet again. After hours of continuous rainfall and high tides, the city is under high alert. Schools and colleges are shut down today, people are asked not to leave their homes on account of devasting rains.

To add to the hardships of Mumbaikars, high tide of 4.9 meters, which is greatest yet this monsoon, was recorded on Monday. The high tide has brought tonnes of garbage from the Arabian sea on beaches forming huge mountains of garbage.

Marine Drive, Girgaun Chowpatty, Dadar, Mahim Chowpatty are among the adversely affected areas.

According to a report in NDTV, BMC workers have already cleared at least 25 metric tonnes of garbage from Marine Drive. Apart from this, 5 metric tonnes of garbage from Girgaum Chowpatty, 50 metric tonnes from Dadar and Mahim Chawpatty, 110 metric tonnes from Versova and Juhu beach and 8 metric tonnes from Gorai beach have been removed.


BMC has reportedly deployed 55 laborers, two large compactors for the task of removing the fresh wave of debris around the city.

Here’s how Mumbaikars reacted to the pitiful condition of the city-


Maybe this is nature’s way of pay back! Now you see why we need to stop dumping waste in the oceans?

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