Here’s A FAKEASS Video Where Gurmeet Ram Rahim Showcases His ‘Such Talent, Much Wow’ In 32 Sports.

Before August 2017: Guru Ram Rahim Singh Ji is a household name.
After August 2017: Guru Ram Rahim Singh is still a household name. But now, is a proven convict whose personality traits (which are multifaceted, BTW) are blinding all.

He’s a Godman, a spiritual guru who has a keen interest in politics and world affairs. He had an army of unsullied ready for him and used to hand ‘Pitaji’s maafi’ to the Sadhvis in his gufa.

He has also taken a keen interest in bringing to his fans, movies that are Oscar-worthy. Don’t believe us? Go have a look at the MSG series.


But, did you know Babaji is a superhuman. A human who is an expert in as many as 32 sports? Yes! THIRTY-TWO sports :O


Be it chess, yoga, swimming, cricket, wrestling, footballesque-handball, basketball, throwball, etc, Baba ji knows it all and plays it all.


Babaji not only hits sixes and fours pretty easily, but he’s also adept at hitting eight runs. Yes, they exist. If the ball goes one and half times beyond the set length of a six, then it’s called an attha (eight runs). Ginnius!


Oh, he doesn’t play by the rules but is also an inventor of games. He is the one who invented 20-20 format in cricket, back in 1999.

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Not only that, he has also invented a game called Gulstick, which is a combination of Gulli-danda, cricket, and basketball.


He’s also called PAPA Coach and has trained athletes who have gotten medals for our country. Don’t believe us? Watch.

Wow! Babaji rocks, doesn’t he?