Milind Soman’s 77-YO Mom Does Plank For Over A Minute And Now I’m A Puddle Of Shame!

Milind ‘Ultraman‘ Soman is our everyday crush. Not just because he is blessed with unearthly good looking features but because of the kind of efforts he puts in, to look like he does. I mean, even if I keep the #fitnessgoals he hands out every time aside, his modest and accommodating nature brings me on my knees (not bad for someone who came out of a box!)

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But, with all that he has, ever wondered where it came from? No, not the gym!


Meet Usha Suman, mother of Milind Suman, who at the age of 77 is giving us a lot complex! Recently, Milind posted, 

“1min 20sec plank for Mother’s day! Not her personal best but good all the same :)”


Now, this isn’t the first time, the iron lady has shown her grit. She, unlike any woman of her age, joins her son for a barefoot run at times! 


Adorable, aren’t they?

Aai at #UltramanFlorida Day 2!!! 🙂 #MilindUshaSoman

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Thank you, Usha Ji. Thank you for reducing me to a puddle of shame. But more so, for inspiring me!