Milind Soman Becomes ‘The Ultraman’ By Covering 517 Kilometers In 3 Days, That Too Barefoot

Milind Soman is the real Iron Man. Period.

No, scratch that!

He is an Ultraman now, officially. 

Forget marathons where an athlete has to run a puny 42 odd kilometers, Milind Soman runs marathons that are only in the multiples of 100!

He recently competed in AND completed an ultramarathon in Florida. ULTRAMAN FLORIDA is the toughest marathon in the world!

And like always, he celebrated it with his mother on the finish line.


This ultramarathon is remarkably harsh. Day one is 10 km of swimming and 142 km of cycling. Day 2 is 276 km of cycling and day 3 is an 84-kilometer run!

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4 Indians apart from Milind competed in the marathon and completed it! A proud achievement indeed!

Abhishek Mishra, Kaustubh Radkar, Prithviraj Patil and Manmadh Rebba were his ultra buddies in this event.


And unlike other mortals, Milind Soman ran barefoot. Yes, he actually covered half a thousand kilometers barefoot!

And when everything was over, the Ultramarathoner updated his FB status by saying,

We’re blissful. India is proud!!!

A humble Ultraman!

You can read his whole FB post here –

Milind Soman has inspired people to incorporate fitness into their daily lives. Even today he encourages people to exercise every day and brings the culture of being fit back to India.

And as always, even at 51, he continues to lead by example!