Mika Introduced SRK To A Die-Hard Fan And King Khan’s Reply To Him Is The Sweetest!

Love him or hate him, you can’t ignore him. Shahrukh Khan has a fan following very few celebs globally can even dream of. And it’s because the effort and dedication he puts into his craft and his unparalleled talent because of which he is the shahanshah of B-Town!

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Catering so heavily to the NRI audience in his movies, it isn’t surprising that he has fans abroad. However, Mika Singh posted a video on his Twitter and it will prove just how much of a cult the SRK name is, here and abroad!

The pop star tweeted a video of a foreigner who is a part of Sharukh’s fan family and has watched many of his movies. He sings and dances to the title track of Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam and words can’t explain how cute it is.

SRK is known for being very devoted to his fans and he’s proved it umpteen times like the message he to his fan who was suffering from cancer. And this is exactly what makes his stand out from other Bollytowners. This time too he humbly tweeted,

“That is way too sweet. Thanks”

The internet was obviously floored by this exchange and SRKians were happy to add another member to their family.

1. Like SRK himself, his fans are extremely sweet too!

2. Couldn’t agree more.

3. He’s King Khan for a reason.

4. #KingKhanForever

5. I don’t know if it’s because of him, but he is definitely a big part of the reason.

Another instance that proves Shahrukh Khan is a global phenomenon and a worldwide name. We couldn’t be happier that yet another has fallen prey to Rahul’s charms!

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