SRK’s Message For The Cancer Patient Whose Last Wish Is To Meet Him Will Make You Shed A Tear


Shah Rukh Khan is so many things at the same time; an actor par excellence, a producer, a silver jubilee superstar and the list goes on. But my favourite of all is his larger-than-life persona that makes him what he is today, ‘King Khan’.

While most B-towners never move an inch without carrying their vanity around, SRK brings his large-heartedness to the table every time. I mean remember when he met an ailing Dilip Sahab after he came home from the hospital? But if you think that it doesn’t get any better, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Let me tell you from the beginning…

Aruna PK, an elderly woman who is more positive than a lot of us combined, is currently battling cancer. You might know her from her viral thread of one-liners for every state, one that won her the title of Twitter’s favourite aunty

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But while she has been the source of inspiration for many, her ultimate inspiration is none other than, SRK. In fact, it is her last wish is to meet the Badshah of Bollywood.

You’d be happy to know, Twitter was all about making it happen…

1. Soon requests were made.

2. Including innumerable ones from her son and daughter.

3. And this is how the word spread!

So much so that, the Internet’s plea finally reached Shah Rukh and he had the sweetest things to say. Watch it here. 

“With the positivity you carry around, you’ll get well so soon that we will meet up and I promise I’ll do your favourite song of mine.”

And needless to say, his message is winning hearts all over. 

1. *happy tears*

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2. ‘God bless.’


4. Couldn’t agree more!

5. Wishes galore…

Honestly, #SRKMeetsAruna is my favourite hashtag of them all. And SRK, there is truly none like you. Never change. Please?


Unfortunately, Aruna has left our midst for a better place but her positivity will inspire us for days to come. Rest in peace, Aruna Ji. 

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