Pic Shows Migrant Workers Walking Home With Pets, Twitter Lauds Their Compassion

The coronavirus lockdown has been hard for everyone. And while some people are using this time to help the community (as well as stray animals), others have been abandoning their pets.

According to HuffPost, on May 3, migrant workers were seen walking along the Nasik Highway towards their native places with their pets – a puppy and a duck which served as a silver lining amidst the pet abandonment crisis.

Hindustan Times quoted Mumbai-based animal rescuers saying,

“We hope people learn from these migrants and stop trying to dump their pets. The shelters are already overburdened. The number of calls that they are getting daily is scary. This picture should serve as an eye-opener. The migrant workers are better informed than so many of us.”

Desi Twitter lauded the big-heartedness of the migrants and their commitment towards their pets.

If you are a pet parent, go give your furry baby a big hug!

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